Dear Friends!

What will it take to transform conflict, to ensure our movement building and changemaking is fueled by fierce love over fear?  How can we resource ourselves and each other with transformative, life-giving power?

This three part workshop series is an opportunity for feminist changemakers to explore how to root, rise, and pollinate the new ways of being necessary to wage peace,  transform conflict, and strategically bring to life our visions for a transformed world.

The three sessions are part of the whole, and are intended build on each other.

WAG'ING_PEACE_IMAGE_-Daughter (1) (2)

We begin our journey with practices that help us cultivate conditions for peace in well-tended, purposeful minds, bodies and spirits. This session will pay special attention to grounding in relationship to the  earth, our bodies, and each other. We will also practice storytelling that helps us land in the potential of the current moment.

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We continue our series with practices that help us  generate life-giving power in ourselves and in the community. This session will pay special attention to harnessing the generative energy of sun and water through embodied practice. In our storytelling practice we will generate stories of the future and world view that we are saying yes to.



In our final session together we will explore  the new ways of being and strategizing that bring visions of a transformed world to life. We will pay special attention to air and breath as a key vehicle for pollination. Through embodied practice and storytelling we will continue to uncover and  nourish the ways of being to be pollinators of our visions.

These sessions will create a welcoming and grounding embodied practice space to help changemakers root in and remember our personal and collective purpose, identify habits to interrupt, and sustain generative power.

They build on the kitchen-table chat and embodied practice session we held earlier in 2021 with feminist changemakers from around the globe, Waging Peace with Fierce Love.

Recordings of the sessions will be available

Version 2

Kristen Zimmerman

Kristen is an artist-storyteller, strategist, coach, and facilitator with three decades’ experience integrating creative and mind-body-spirit practice into movement building, community, and social transformation efforts.

rufaro gwarada

Rufaro Gwarada

Rufaro is a writer, facilitator, and organizer, with 10+ years working for gender justice, migrant rights, African-led solutions for Africans, and utilizing art and cultural expression as conduits for healing, liberation, and joy.

Shawna Headshot

Shawna Wakefield

Shawna is a facilitator, strategist, and leader who has worked on gender, racial and economic justice for 25 years, increasing feminist leadership, transformative programming, and cultures of care and equity.

Sliding Scale Workshop Fee :

  • Ladybug (Base): $50 - 100
  • Hummingbird (Mid): $100-300
  • Butterfly (Sustainer): $300-500

If a financial contribution is not possible for you, please know you are still welcome to participate. We  know these are hard times for many, so please consider things like: your level of debt, whether you have dependents, access to wealth, if you are connected to an organisation that could fund your participation, or whether you have  access to individuals or networks who could support your participation.

If you want to join us and a financial contribution is not currently possible for you or if you have any questions please email Kwem at collective@healingsolidarity.org.

The Waging Peace with Fierce Love workshop is offered in partnership with Healing Solidarity.

In mutuality, we will learn from our own and each other’s experiences.