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Virtual Action Learning Circles

An online opportunity for those who want to deepen their learning from the conference and develop strategies to take it forward

We are offering Healing Solidarity themed Action Learning Circles facilitated by the conference initiator Mary Ann Clements.

These circles are specifically for anyone working in International development who wants a space to think through challenges in their own work in relation to the themes raised during the Healing Solidarity conference last year. For a reminder of the conference, themes check on our home page here.

Action Learning is a process designed to help you gain perspective and new ideas, validate new ways or thinking and take action on the things that matter to you.  Mary Ann is an accredited facilitator.

This is for you if you feel you want to take some action towards re-imagining the international development sector but need some space to think through how and where to start, what your role might be or explore the different approaches you might take to making change happen.

How it works

  • Each circle will meet six times between Mid-Feb and the end of September.
  • Circle meetings will last 3.5 hours and include a group check-in and at least two opportunities for an individual in the group to share a challenge and work through it with the group as well as a group reflection session before we close.
  • The circles will meet virtually so you can join from wherever you are as long as you can cope with the time zone.
  • The circles will run on a Tuesday afternoon (2pm UK time) or a Thursday morning (9am UK time) and the first sessions will be on the 19th and 21st Feb.
  • Each group will subsequently meet every 6 weeks for the next 8 months so 6 meetings in total. You need to commit to all of these meetings when you apply to join.
  • There will be no more than 8 people in each circle. Everyone will get a chance to share in depth about challenges in their work at least once and much of the benefit of action learning is also what you learn from hearing others in the circle share their challenges and work towards their own solutions.

How to apply

If you’d like to join you need to fill in and submit this questionnaire. This gives information about you and why you want to join so that I can make sure that the groups are well balanced and will be useful for everyone. You can also be able to select which time (Tues PM or Thurs AM UK time) is best for you. You need to submit your questionnaire by Friday 8th Feb.

Participating costs £300. This will help contribute to the continuation of this work of Healing Solidarity & support us to keep making this work happen. If you aren’t able to afford this amount you can still apply for a discounted place. There will be a couple of those available for each circle and you will be able to indicate what you are able to pay when you apply.