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Please consider supporting this project. It is mostly self-funded by me (Mary Ann Clements), the initiator of this project alongside a small grant from the Emergence Foundation.

I am committed to ensuring that financial resources are NOT a barrier to participation in the Collective. This stems from my commitment to challenging systems of oppression (including racism, capitalism, ableism, and poverty) in all of my work.

We ran a conference in September 2018, a number of people made donations following that and have received access to the conference resources. These contributions helped me to cover the costs of producing and promoting that event. We also made them available for free for those who were not able to donate.

Creating a community where we can continue these conversations and future events we have planned has a cost and so would value your contribution to the costs of this event as a gesture of reciprocity. Whatever you might be able to give will support us to continue offering access to these conversations.

Costs include planning and facilitating the community and organising events, on-going website and technical development, video editing, transcript production, promotion and marketing, plus the general costs of operating my business which make the creation of this Collective possible.

You can make regular or one-off gifts below. If you represent a funder or want to make a significant donation please be in touch with me at maryann@healingsoldiarity.org.


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  • You can make a regular gift of any amount to support the Collective
  • Regular gifts are valuable as they help us to sustain this initiative going forward and make sure we can keep holding these conversations and support people in doing things differently.
  • You can give any amount.

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