Our work with Organisations

Healing Solidarity now has a multi-racial collective of consultants that support organisations to build the “missing” skillsets which have been laid bare in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic and #BlackLivesMatter uprisings around the world.

We help organisations build anti-racist practice and culture and work to usher in the political courage, cultural humility, and an ethic of care in the nonprofit and philanthropy sector.

We aim to support people and organisations on a learning journey to avoid replication of the harm that has been done in and by our sector. Our consultancy work also helps to resource the online conference, space and events that we run.

All our work has an intersectional, feminist anti-racist lens and supports practitioners and organisations to:

  • challenge injustice in our practice and re-imagining our sector,
  • resist the working practices that overwhelm and exhaust us, and
  • reflect and sustain ourselves as people.

As professionals, we recognise that it is the leadership and individual actions within complex systems needed to shift hierarchical structures and dominant culture ways of working.

We are particularly keen to work with organisations to be part of rethinking, reimagining, and reshaping the future of our sector - reflecting the team of consultants’ own lived experiences around the world.

We are keen to promote healing from the past and to generate a new narrative and practices about what it means us to develop a practice of global solidarity that heals injustice.

To enquiry about working with us please contact maryann@healingsolidarity.org.