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Healing Solidarity: Re-Imagining International Development & Embodying Change

Downloadable MP3 audio and MP4 video files for all of the 2018 & 2019 talks plus expanded workbooks & transcripts of all the talks for individual use. 45 Recordings in all. Give access to everyone in your organisation for less than £10 a talk. You also get a guide to using the recordings with your organisation and a call with Mary Ann Clements, initiator of Healing Solidarity to talk through how you will use them within your organisation.


An invoice can also be raised for this amount. Email maryann@healingsolidarity.org if you would like one.

Full details of downloads below:

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  • Mary Ann Clements - Welcome to the Conference (2018)
  • Jennifer Lentfer - Topics include: bringing our hearts, acknowledging harm, staying hopeful
  • Jessica Horn - Topics include: well-being, vicarious trauma, feminist approaches
  • Judithe Registre - Topics include: race in development, Haiti, whose stories we are listening too?
  • Fredrick Ouko - Topics include: partnership, funding, philanthropy and relationships
  • Recording of live practice with Mary Ann Clements: Bringing our Hearts to our Work
  • Swatee Deepak - Topics include: philanthropy, flexible funding, well-being & self-care
  • Gemma Houldey - Topics include: stress, well-being & the idea of the 'perfect humanitarian'
  • Pontso Mafethe - Topics include: funding, feminism, power & the idea of the 'happy native'
  • Tina Wallace - Topics include: corporatisation & projectisation, challenging power and finding alternatives
  • Recording of live practice with Agnes Otzelberger: 'Just Like Me' a practice to take action against our tendency towards 'Othering'
  • Recording of live Practice with Shawna Wakefield, Gender justice advocate, feminist leadership and org change consultant & trauma-informed yoga teacher
  • Ruby, Nadia & Deepa from FRIDA - Topics include: funding grassroots initiatives, feminist approaches & self-care
  • Kate Werning - Topics include: burnout, healing, questioning constant urgency & taking the long-view
  • Eunice Baguma Ball - Topics include: innovation, entrepreneurship, technology & philanthropy
  • Tobias Denskus - Topics include: participation, development communications & de-colonisation
  • Recording of live practice with Mary Ann Clements: Embodying Anger
  • Recording of live Practice with Kate Werning, Organiser and Creator and Host of Healing Justice Podcast
  • Nomvula Dlamini - Topics include: community-led development, humanising our processes and cultures in organisations
  • Deborah Doane - Topics include: power imbalances, inequitable decision-making, #AidToo & doing things differently
  • Marion Osieyo - Topics include: the importance of relationships to addressing inequity and why it is OK not to know.
  • Recording of live practice with Sally-Anne Airey 'A Mindful Pause'
  • Recording of live practice with Agnes Otzelberger 'Exploring Your Money Story'
  • Angela Bruce Raeburn - Topics include: race & development, the absence of an ethic of care and the need for our organisations to be more representative
  • Wanja Muguongo - Topics include: peer-led funding mechanisms, philanthropy, movements and more equitable decision making
  • Lisa VeneKlasen - Topics include: feminism, power, patriarchy, capitalism, racism and 'cowboy' tendencies in INGOs
  • Recording of live Closing Session with Mary Ann Clements & Lisa VeneKlasen.
Everyone 2019

2019: Embodying Change

  • Welcome to the Conference - Mary Ann Clements (2019)
  • Edgar Villanueva with Pontso Mafethe
  • Women of Colour speak about Racism in Philanthropy - Pontso Mafethe & Swatee Deepak with Bonnie Chiu, Mitali Sen, Stephanie Yawa De Wolfe & Zohra Moosa
  • Neha Kagal & Marai Larasi with Pontso Mafethe
  • Racism, Equity and Care - What can white people do? - Recording of live event with Mary Ann Clements, Jennifer Lentfer & Alex Martins
  • Solomé Lemma - Executive Director, Thousand Currents
  • Lori Michau & Natsnet Ghebrebrhan - Raising Voices
  • Danny Sriskandarajah - Chief Executive, Oxfam GB
  • Care & Compassion in our work - Recording of a live event with Gozel Baltaeva, Nurhaida Rahim, Mary Ann Clements and Melissa Pittoti at 1 pm GMT
  • Faye Ekong, RavelWorks Africa
  • Lorriann Robinson, Founder & Director, The Advocacy Team
  • Shawna Wakefield - Independent Consultant and Associate with Gender at Work
  • Pathways to Power Follow Up - Recording of a live event with Mary Ann Clements and Jenny Hodgson & Nana Afadzinu
  • Mary Jane N. Real - Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights, Asia & Pacific (UAF A&P)
  • Pip Bennett- Feminist Mother and Youth Worker
  • Hitendra Solanki- Mindfulness & Wellbeing Adviser
  • Development is Dignity….or it is nothing. Recording of a live event - Mary Ann Clements in Conversation with Jonathan Glennie
  • Embodying Change live conference wrap-up event with Mary Ann Clements and Swatee Deepak.