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Healing Solidarity: Re-Imagining International Development & Embodying Change

Downloadable MP3 audio and MP4 video files for all of the 2018 & 2019 talks plus expanded workbooks & transcripts of all the talks for individual use. 45 Recordings in all.


Full List of Downloads Below

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  • Mary Ann Clements - Welcome to the Conference (2018)
  • Jennifer Lentfer - Topics include: bringing our hearts, acknowledging harm, staying hopeful
  • Jessica Horn - Topics include: well-being, vicarious trauma, feminist approaches
  • Judithe Registre - Topics include: race in development, Haiti, whose stories we are listening too?
  • Fredrick Ouko - Topics include: partnership, funding, philanthropy and relationships
  • Recording of live practice with Mary Ann Clements: Bringing our Hearts to our Work
  • Swatee Deepak - Topics include: philanthropy, flexible funding, well-being & self-care
  • Gemma Houldey - Topics include: stress, well-being & the idea of the 'perfect humanitarian'
  • Pontso Mafethe - Topics include: funding, feminism, power & the idea of the 'happy native'
  • Tina Wallace - Topics include: corporatisation & projectisation, challenging power and finding alternatives
  • Recording of live practice with Agnes Otzelberger: 'Just Like Me' a practice to take action against our tendency towards 'Othering'
  • Recording of live Practice with Shawna Wakefield, Gender justice advocate, feminist leadership and org change consultant & trauma-informed yoga teacher
  • Ruby, Nadia & Deepa from FRIDA - Topics include: funding grassroots initiatives, feminist approaches & self-care
  • Kate Werning - Topics include: burnout, healing, questioning constant urgency & taking the long-view
  • Eunice Baguma Ball - Topics include: innovation, entrepreneurship, technology & philanthropy
  • Tobias Denskus - Topics include: participation, development communications & de-colonisation
  • Recording of live practice with Mary Ann Clements: Exploring Anger
  • Recording of live Practice with Kate Werning, Organiser and Creator and Host of Healing Justice Podcast
  • Nomvula Dlamini - Topics include: community-led development, humanising our processes and cultures in organisations
  • Deborah Doane - Topics include: power imbalances, inequitable decision-making, #AidToo & doing things differently
  • Marion Osieyo - Topics include: the importance of relationships to addressing inequity and why it is OK not to know.
  • Recording of live practice with Sally-Anne Airey 'A Mindful Pause'
  • Recording of live practice with Agnes Otzelberger 'Exploring Your Money Story'
  • Angela Bruce Raeburn - Topics include: race & development, the absence of an ethic of care and the need for our organisations to be more representative
  • Wanja Muguongo - Topics include: peer-led funding mechanisms, philanthropy, movements and more equitable decision making
  • Lisa VeneKlasen - Topics include: feminism, power, patriarchy, capitalism, racism and 'cowboy' tendencies in INGOs
  • Recording of live Closing Session with Mary Ann Clements & Lisa VeneKlasen
Everyone 2019

2019: Embodying Change

  • Welcome to the Conference - Mary Ann Clements (2019)
  • Edgar Villanueva with Pontso Mafethe
  • Women of Colour speak about Racism in Philanthropy - Pontso Mafethe & Swatee Deepak with Bonnie Chiu, Mitali Sen, Stephanie Yawa De Wolfe & Zohra Moosa
  • Neha Kagal & Marai Larasi with Pontso Mafethe
  • Racism, Equity and Care - What can white people do? - Recording of live event with Mary Ann Clements, Jennifer Lentfer & Alex Martins
  • Solomé Lemma - Executive Director, Thousand Currents
  • Lori Michau & Natsnet Ghebrebrhan - Raising Voices
  • Danny Sriskandarajah - Chief Executive, Oxfam GB
  • Care & Compassion in our work - Recording of a live event with Gozel Baltaeva, Nurhaida Rahim, Mary Ann Clements and Melissa Pittoti at 1 pm GMT
  • Faye Ekong, RavelWorks Africa
  • Lorriann Robinson, Founder & Director, The Advocacy Team
  • Shawna Wakefield - Independent Consultant and Associate with Gender at Work
  • Pathways to Power Follow Up - Recording of a live event with Mary Ann Clements and Jenny Hodgson & Nana Afadzinu
  • Mary Jane N. Real - Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights, Asia & Pacific (UAF A&P)
  • Pip Bennett- Feminist Mother and Youth Worker
  • Hitendra Solanki- Mindfulness & Wellbeing Adviser
  • Development is Dignity….or it is nothing. Recording of a live event - Mary Ann Clements in Conversation with Jonathan Glennie
  • Embodying Change live conference wrap-up event with Mary Ann Clements and Swatee Deepak.