Day 2 - Healing solidarity Conference

Welcome to Day Two of the Healing Solidarity Conference

Day 2 has concluded. You can still get the recordings by contributing to the conference. Check your email for the latest links and pop into the Healing Solidarity Collective for reflections and support.

Thank you for joining us for the conference

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On Day 2 we heard:

Solomé Lemma

In this talk we heard

  • How Thousand Currents seek to embody the change they want to see
  • About leading without prescribing a mission that you want to achieve
  • How Solomé tries to promote working practices that are a good fit with organisational values
  • About the changes, Solomé would like to see in the sector more widely
  • Why Diaspora development initiatives deserve much more support and recognition.

Solomé Lemma is the Executive Director of Thousand Currents. Find her full bio in the workbook for today.

Follow her on Twitter.

Lori Michau and Natsnet Ghebrebrhan from Raising Voices

In this talk we heard:

  • How Raising Voices conceive of self and collective care together in their work
  • What happened when they asked everyone they worked with, 'How are you doing?'
  • How they build self and collective care out from their organisational values
  • How they think about creating spaces that promote wellness
  • Why self and collective care is deeply political work

Lori Michau is Co-Founder and Co-Director of Raising Voices and Natsnet Ghebrebrhan works with Raising Voices as Violence Against Women Prevention Co-Ordinator. You can find her on twitter here.

Raising Voices YouTube Channel can be found here.

Danny Sriskandarajah

In this talk we heard:

  • About how the INGO sector has changed and large INGOs have become larger
  • How Oxfam is reconsidering its role
  • About the nurturing and supporting role that Danny hopes Oxfam can play
  • Why Danny thinks the world needs strong, vocal, resilient civic formations 'in some ways more than ever before.'

Danny Sriskandarajah joined Oxfam GB as Chief Executive in January 2019.

Follow him on Twitter here.

Today's Live Conversation

NurhaidaPic - Nurhaida Rahim
IMG_9855 - Melissa Pitotti

1 pm GMT

Gozel Baltaeva, Melissa Pitotti, Nurhaida Rahim and Mary Ann Clements in conversation

Care & Compassion in our work

Everyone is welcome to join this session

Curious about Day 3's line up?

Faye Ekong


Topics include:
Humanitarian Human Resourcing and why it needs to change

Lorriann Robinson

OD-190 - Lorriann Robinson

Topics include: Why the development sector needs to take workplace diversity and equity much more seriously

Shawna Wakefield


Topics include: How we build resilience for the change that we want to see, the practices that can support us