Day 4 - Healing solidarity Conference

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On Day 4 we heard....

Mary Jane N. Real

In this talk you'll hear:

  • About co-leadership as a model for supporting one another to lead sustainably
  • How an emergent learning approach is helping UAF Asia and Pacific practice a culture of giving and sharing
  • Why caring for ourselves and each other can be something we avoid
  • Why relationships and how we build them are critical.

Mary Jane N. Real is the Co-Lead of Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights Asia & Pacific (UAF A&P), a newly established organisation that provides rapid response grants and supports women and non-binary human rights defenders at risk in Asia and the Pacific. She is a founding member and former Coordinator of the Women Human Rights Defenders International Coalition. A lawyer and a long-time advocate for women's human right. she has worked with various international, regional and national organisations and initiatives in different capacities including as current Board member of Front Line Defenders and Jass Associates.

Hitendra Solanki

In this talk you'll hear:

  • Why mindfulness and self-awareness are important strategies for humanitarians
  • Why building these practices takes time
  • That specific frameworks for wellbeing are often lacking in humanitarian organisations
  • How the 'cluster model' promotes an integrated approach to wellbeing.

Hitenrda Solanki works on humanitarian wellbeing and mindfulness through Simply Mindful and related PhD research at London South Bank University. He supports humantarian agencies with mindfulness and wellbeing training. Please note he has recently left Action Against Hunger UK.

You can find him on LinkedIn here and on Twitter here.

Pip Bennett

In this talk you'll hear:

  • Why supervision could be an important tool in 'aid' and 'development' settings
  • Some ideas about how it could work
  • Reflections on the challenges with different approaches to supervision
  • About the importance of reflective spaces in our work.

Pip Bennett is a feminist mother from Aotearoa New Zealand. She works with young people and women and is interested in design for social innovation.

You can find her on Instagram here.

Today's Live Conversation

88bd7dca-7b9b-42fb-bd0b-dea2f6c129f3 - Jonathan Glennie

1 pm GMT

"Development is Dignity...or it is nothing"

Jonathan Glennie in conversation with Mary Ann Clements'

Everyone is welcome to join this session

Curious about the final day's line up?


Live conference Wrap up Session with Swatee Deepak and Mary Ann Clements at 10 am


No new talks on Friday this year but at 10 am GMT (UK time) Swatee and I will be reflecting on the week and on next steps for all of us over on our live Crowdcast event here.