Day 3 - Healing solidarity Conference

welcome to day 3 of the conference.

Day 3 has concluded. You can see what we heard below and still get the recordings by contributing to the conference. Check your email for the latest links and pop into the Healing Solidarity Collective for reflections and support.

Thank you for joining us for the conference

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Shawna Wakefield

In this talk you'll hear:

  • About building resilience practices in our work
  • That integrating practices that support us is key
  • Why talking about power can hurt - and why it's necessary too
  • That we've lost the relational pieces of this work and of our values as people in it
  • That dissolving and dismantling may be necessary - and how we can think about moving together towards what we envision.

Shawna Wakefield is Independent Consultant and Associate with Gender at Work

You can find her on LinkedIn.

Faye Ekong

In this conversation you'll hear:

  • Why 'localisation' sounds good on paper but is less appealing in practice
  • Why who is on our boards' matters
  • About how we need to question the real 'value' we add and what our beliefs in our work truly are
  • Why the approach humanitarian organisations take to staffing and benefits needs to fundamentally shift.

Faye Ekong is a global citizen with a passion for change and transformation and is managing director and co-founder of RavelWorks Africa.

Find them here:

Writing here, On Twitter here, On Instagram here and on LinkedIn here

Lorriann Robinson

In this conversation you'll hear:

  • That the sector has not been taking enough positive action to increase diversity
  • That beyond 'commitments' to diversity there are concrete steps that organisations need to take
  • Why it's extremely problematic if leadership in development organisations is entirely white
  • Lorriann advocate for the international development committee to look at race, diversity and representation in INGOs
  • That our work is political and so we need to move beyond technocratic solutions.

Lorriann Robinson is Founder and Director of the Advocacy Team, an international development professional specialising in creative advocacy and campaigning. She has over 12 years of experience deploying policy, advocacy and campaigning skills to advance the rights of the most vulnerable people.

You can find The Advocacy team here and her on LinkedIn here.

Also, a note to say that Bond is now benchmarking data on people of colour working in the international development sector and plan to track any changes and trends across the sector on an annual basis. Next year they will also convene a group of people of colour, to unearth the barriers and challenges they face in progressing in the sector and will then launch the data and experience findings at the Bond Conference in March 2020, with a view to trailing new initiatives that will help to shift the culture.

Today's Live Conversation


1 pm GMT

Jenny Hodgson, Nana Afadzinu and Mary Ann Clements in conversation

Follow up to the 'Pathways to Power' Symposium in partnership with Global Fund for Community Foundations

Everyone is welcome to join this session

Curious about Day 4's line up?

Hitendra Solanki


Topics include: mindfulness approaches in humanitarian settings

Mary Jane N. Real

Mary Jane

Topics include: building care into the work we work and learn

Pip Bennett

Pip Bennett

Topics include: advocating for supervision in international 'aid' and 'development'