Day 1 - Healing solidarity: Embodying Change

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On Day 1 we heard:

Edgar Villenueva in conversation with Pontso Mafethe

In this conversation we heard:

  • Edgar speak about his own work in philanthropy as an indigenous native American person
  • Why the story of money - and where wealth comes from - really matters
  • How the 'colonizing virus' has impacted how philanthropy works
  • Why we need to acknowledge histories of colonialism and white supremacy
  • How when we are willing to do that money can be a source of healing
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Women of color discuss racism in philanthropy

In this conversation with Pontso Mafethe, Swatee Deepak, Bonnie Chiu, Mitali Sen, Stephanie Yawa de Wolfe & Zohra Moosa we heard:

  • A conversation about navigating a system that wasn't designed for women of colour
  • About how diaspora fueled philanthropy is not regarded as equal to white-led philanthropy
  • How lived experience and knowledge are delegitimised in philanthropic spaces
  • About how we continue to create anacronyms like 'DEI' but seldom want to talk about 'race'
  • How being the only person of colour often means code-switching and ‘dragging up’ in order to be seen and respected as professional.
  • And about the emotional load this has. Women of colour are often in the position of having to care for others emotions.

You'll find full biographies of all of the women involved in this conversation in today's workbook. They are:

Swatee Deepak: @Swatee, Pontso Mafethe: @PtsoThe, Stephanie Yawa de Wolfe @stephyawa, Zohra Moosa: @zohramoosa, Mitali Sen: @mitali_nisha and Bonnie Chiu: @bonniesychiu

Marai Larasi and Neha Kagal with Pontso Mafethe

In this conversation we heard:

  • About the connections between black feminist movement on these islands (the UK) and global struggles
  • About the need to consider colonisation and it impacts on our work
  • What intersectionality isn't and how we can understand it in our work
  • Some thoughts about the change needed in development spaces

Full bios are included in the Day 1 Workbook. Please read them.

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Today's Live Conversation


1 pm GMT

Alex Martins, Jennifer Lentfer and Mary Ann Clements in conversations

Race, Equity & Care

What can white people do?

Everyone is welcome to join this session as the three of us consider what can we as people raced as white do.

Jennifer Lentfer - Healing Solidarity

Curious about Day 2's line up?

Solomé Lemma

Salome Lemma

Topics include:
leading, listening &
practising our own values

Lori Michau & Natsnet Ghebrebrhan

Nasnet and Lori

Topics include: building and integrating structures for self and
collective care in our work

Danny Sriskandarajah

IMG_3418 - Danny Sriskandarajah

Topics include: how Oxfam is thinking about its role as a large INGO and how it can embody the change it wants to see