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Embodying Change : A Second Online Conference about Re-Imagining International Development

November 25-29, 2019

This year the conference will focus on how we can really begin to embody and practice the changes our sector needs

Left hand side (yellow)

Wondering how we build anti-racist and intersectional practices in 'development' and 'aid' spaces?

heart (green)

Asking how we build care and solidarity in our work environments that can help support us all in the work?

Right-hand side (yellow)

Thinking about how we can decolonise our practice and end the story that 'we know better'?



This FREE ONLINE conference will help you explore how YOU can play a part in international development being RE-IMAGINED

And ask the critical question of how we HEAL ourselves, both from the inequity in our practice and the working practices that OVERWHELM and EXHAUST us.


What is the Healing Solidarity Conference?

A week of conversations with activists, practitioners and thinkers interested in reforming international development practice, and figuring out how to care for ourselves and one other in the process.

Workbooks included. Entirely online.



Alex Martins

Researcher, Facilitator and Advocate


Bonnie Chiu

Social entrepreneur, gender equality advocate and a social impact consultant

IMG_3418 - Danny Sriskandarajah

Danny Sriskandarajah

Chief Executive, Oxfam GB

EDGAR Decolonizing Wealth Picture

Edgar Villanueva

Philanthropy Expert & Author of Decolonizing Wealth


Faye Ekong

Managing director and Co-founder, RavelWorks Africa


Gozel Baltaeva

People Management Adviser for CHS Alliance


Hitendra Solanki

Mindfulness & Wellbeing Adviser for Action Against Hunger UK and Senior Lecturer, MSc Development Studies London Southbank University

Jennifer Lentfer

Jennifer Lentfer

aid worker turned writer/poet, writing coach, and communications strategist


Jenny Hodgson

Director, Global Fund for Community Foundations

88bd7dca-7b9b-42fb-bd0b-dea2f6c129f3 - Jonathan Glennie

Jonathan Glennie

Writer, researcher, activist, campaigner, consultant and practitioner


Lori Michau

Co-Founder and Co-Director of Raising Voices

Mary Jane

Mary Jane N. Real

Co-Lead of Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights Asia & Pacific (UAF A&P)

OD-190 - Lorriann Robinson

Lorriann Robinson

Founder & Director, The Advocacy Team


Marai Larasi

Advocate, Activist and Consultant (Photo by M Beatty)

IMG_9855 - Melissa Pitotti

Melissa Pitotti

Working in humanitarian affairs since 2003, a mom, bookworm, and burnout-survivor.


Mitali Sen

UK Grantmaker and Feminist


Nana Afadzinu

Executive Director of the West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI)


Natsnet Ghebrebghan

Violence Against Women Prevention Coordinator at Raising Voices


Neha Kagal

Activist and Researcher

NurhaidaPic - Nurhaida Rahim

Nurhaida Rahim

Coach, yoga teacher and Ayurvedic Practitioner (in-training)

P12 - Pip B

Pip Bennett

Feminist Mother and Youth Worker


Shawna Wakefield

Gender justice advocate, feminist leadership and org change consultant, trauma-informed yoga teacher (photo Daniel-Joseph Cyan)


Solomé Lemma

Executive Director, Thousand Currents


Swatee Deepak

Director of With and For Girls Collective


Zohra Moosa

Executive Director, Mama Cash

What we’ll explore

What it means to be practitioners committed to embodying and practising the changes we want to see in the context of international 'aid' and 'development'.

How to identify and disrupt the ways in which our sector manifests the things we abhor; colonial attitudes, racism, professional bureaucracies out of touch with their values.

What it means to be resilient and be self-reflective as practitioners

How we can build just cultures in organisations, communities and initiatives which create the collective care we crave.

How the conference will unfold

Register to Attend

When you register you’ll get access to a week of conversations and practices featuring at least two hour-long interviews per day and a live event each day. Talks are available for 48 hours beginning at 9am BST each day. Practices will stay live all week.

Free daily workbooks containing self-reflective journal prompts, questions and activities for integrating the content explored in each of the talks + suggestions for group exploration.

Join the Conference Connection Space

Join the Healing Solidarity Collective Mighty Network after registering and gain access to conversations about how we reform our sector and take care of ourselves & each other.

During the conference there will be daily questions, ideas and conversations in the group to support your engagement with the conference.

Spread the word

Invite your colleagues, your leadership and anyone else you think would benefit from being engaged in these conversations.

You can even engage with the content as a group as the daily workbooks will include suggestions for collective practice and conversations emerging from the talks.


Get more out of the conference

It's free to participate in all of the conference sessions during the week of 25th-29th November. But make a contribution and you will get access to recordings of all our sessions to keep and listen to whenever you want.

You can make a contribution to support the costs of producing this event and receive recordings of all the talks after it is over and access to some special follow-on conversations about Healing Solidarity.

This model helps us to pay our speakers for their time and to cover the costs of producing this event.

What makes the conference different?

All the best aspects of a conference but virtual - join from wherever in the world you are!

You can choose to connect with other attendees via our Healing Solidarity Collective - a Mighty Network where the LIVE conversations we will host during the conference week (25-29 November) will also take place.

We won't be afraid to ask the uncomfortable questions about 'development' & 'aid' and to think together about how things need to change & we'd love for you to join us!


erwan-hesry-MMxPFvNiY8E-unsplash (1)

Audio Downloadable Access

Not able to listen to all of the talks you are interested in during the week of the conference? Want the audio downloads for personal use to listen later when you have more time?

Contribute at least £15 - less than £1 a talk - to support the production of this conference and we will give you access to downloadable MP3 audio files for all of the talks. Plus, we will give you access to each day's workbook in one place so you can refer back to them as you engage with the talks.

Contribution of £15 or more


Audio & Video Download Access

If you want downloadable access to the conference videos as well audio, for personal use, then this is for you.

When you contribute at least £35 to support the conference we'll give you access to

  • Downloadable MP3 audio and MP4 video files for all of the talks
  • specially expanded workbooks
  • transcripts of all the talks.

Contribution of £35 or more


Root System:
Organisational Download Access

This is for organisations who want to share these conversations with their staff, partners, volunteers or students. For a contribution of at least £300 to support this work you'll receive everything:

  • Downloadable MP3 audio and MP4 video files for all of the talks
  • specially expanded workbooks
  • Additional Workbook for Organisations including suggestions about how to use the questions emerging from the conference in organisations and groups.
  • transcripts of all the talks
  • A conversation (with Mary Ann) to think through how to use these materials with your organisations.

We are suggesting a contribution of £300 for this to help support the development and production of this conference. If you are a large organisation with many staff, students or volunteers, please consider contributing more. If you are a small organisation and this cost is prohibitive for you, please get in touch to discuss a reduced rate. For this amount or more we are also able to invoice your organisation for payment. Please email maryann@healingsolidarity.org if that's something you'd like us to do.

Contribution of £300 or more


This year Mary Ann is joined as a host by Pontso Mafethe.


Mary Ann Clements

Feminist Writer, Facilitator, Activist and Coach and Initiator of Healing Solidarity

Pontso Mafethe

Leader & Mentor,
Women & Girls Rights and Philanthropy

Our Speakers have been featured in



How many conference sessions are there?
At least 15 Speakers + 5 Live Practice Sessions

How long is each session?
Sessions last no more than an hour

I’m not based in the UK, is the conference for me too?
Yes. The conference is accessible from anywhere in the world.

How long do I have to watch each session?
During the conference, you have 48 hours starting at 8 am Greenwich Meantime (GMT). You can also choose to ‘take the conference away’ and for a contribution to support the production of the conference get permanent downloadable access to all the recordings.

But what about the time difference? Will I miss everything?
No, you have 48 hours to view the talks will just start at a different time of day depending on where in the world you are.

Is this really free?
Yes, it's free to participate during the week of the conference itself. Register and get access to the talks during the conference week (25th-29th November) + a daily workbook each day of the conference. If you choose you can also receive recordings of all the sessions in return for a contribution towards the conference. Read more about that and make a contribution here.

Can I share my daily link with my colleagues?
Everyone needs to register at healingsolidarity.org

I don’t actually work in international development. Can I still join?
Yes absolutely. Anyone interested in issues of global solidarity and collective care is welcome to join us.

Can I still attend the conference if I don't want to join the Mighty Network?
Yes, you don’t need to join the Mighty Network but if you do you’ll have access to additional content and information throughout the conference. Join here.