Day 3 - Healing solidarity Conference

Day 3 has concluded. Check your email for the latest links and pop into the Facebook group for support.

Thank you for joining us again today. 

We are inviting contributions to support the production of this event as a gesture of reciprocity. Whilst it is free to participate this week, this event has been 100% self-funded including planning and organising, website development, an honorarium for speakers, video editing, transcription and much much more. We are offering the recordings of all of the sessions (including the lives ones) as well as transcripts, extended workbooks, a guide to organisational activities based on the conference and access to follow up group and personal conversations to those who contribute. Please consider making a contribution to support this work if you can. Click the link below to find out more. Also, because we do not want resources to be a barrier there is also an option for those unable to contribute as well.

Today's Live Practice Sessions


12 pm BST
( 11 am UTC)

with Mary Ann Clements

In this practice, Mary Ann will offer some exercises to help you explore and work positively with your anger.

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KateHeadshot_LR - Kate Werning

4 pm BST
(3 pm UTC)

with Kate Werning

of the Healing Justice Podcast

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Curious about Day 4's line up?

Nomvula Dlamini

Nomvula 4

Topics include: community-led development, humanising our processes and cultures in organisations

Deborah Doane

Deborah Doane

Topics include: power imbalances, inequitable decision-making, #AidToo & doing things differently

Marion Osieyo

Marion Osieyo

Topics include: the importance of relationships to addressing inequity and why it is OK not to know.