Day 2 - Healing solidarity Conference

Day 2 has concluded. Check your email for the latest links and pop into the Facebook group for support.

Thank you for joining us again today. 

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Today's Live Practice Sessions

Agnes Otzelberger

12 pm BST (11 am UTC)

with Agnes Otzelberger

Our minds are wired
to see difference.

Join us
to try out "Just Like Me" -
a simple practice to change that.

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Agnes is creator of and a trainer & facilitator working on getting our minds, hearts and bodies in shape for social change. 

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4 pm BST (3 pm UTC)

with Shawna Wakefield

Can we be with ourselves and move together from a more centered, purposeful, loving place?

This practice will include an accessible breath and movement practice for building awareness of our interdependence and resilience.

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Shawna is a Gender justice advocate, feminist leadership and org change consultant & trauma-informed yoga teacher.

Find Shawna on LinkedIn and working with Gender at Work.

Curious about Day 3's line up?


FRIDA Team Headshot

Topics include: funding grassroots initiatives, feminist approaches & self-care

Kate Werning

KateHeadshot_LR - Kate Werning

Topics include: burnout, healing, questioning constant urgency & taking the long-view

Eunice Baguma Ball

Eunice Baguma Ball Healing Solidarity

Topics include: innovation, entrepreneurship, technology & philanthropy

Tobias Denskus

Tobias Denskus 170823

Topics include: participation, development communications & de-colonisation