Day 1 - Healing solidarity Conference

Day 1 has concluded. Check your email for the latest links and pop into the Facebook group for support.

Thank you for joining us today.

If you are realising that you would like to spend a little more time with these talks remember you can make a contribution to support the production of this conference and get access to recordings and ongoing conversations about the conference themes and ideas.

An important welcome from your host, Mary Ann Clements

To get us started I wanted to say hello and share a few of my own thoughts as the conference gets underway.

Today's Live Practice Session


12 pm BST

with Mary Ann Clements

Bringing our Hearts to our Work

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Curious about Day 2's line up?

Swatee Deepak


Topics include: philanthropy, flexible funding, well-being & self-care

Gemma Houldey


Topics include: stress, well-being & the idea of the 'perfect humanitarian'

Pontso Mafethe


Topics include: funding, feminism, power & the idea of the 'happy native'

Tina Wallace

Tina Image

Topics include: corporatisation & projectisation, challenging power and finding alternatives