About Us

We are currently re-imagining Healing Solidarity.

Our offering to the global development sector

Healing Solidarity began with an online conference in September 2018 initiated by Mary Ann Clements. For her at the time, it was a one-off creative project with zero budget and a logo created with her child’s modeling clay. She had no idea if anyone would even show up.

To her amazement, 1,500 people signed up! 

Since then, Healing Solidarity has engaged well over 3,500 people - those with an interest in global development who care deeply about inequity and injustice in the world, and who hold deep questions about the way the international aid and philanthropy sector currently works. 

We have since run four more conferences and have offered healing spaces for BIPOC folks and anti-racist practice groups for people working in international development, collective care sessions, poetry workshops, and much, much more!

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You can read an overview of Healing Solidarity's work from 2018-2023 here. During this time, people connected and grappled with such issues as: 

  • racism and oppression, 
  • burnout, care, and wellness,
  • power and organizational culture, 
  • decolonisation and intersectionality,
  • voice, agency, and representation, 
  • partnership and participation,
  • collective action, and solidarity. 

Content from the last six years remains available on our YouTube channel here

*   *   *   *   *

Our discernment and re-organization continues. 

Our Advisory Circle formed in early 2020. They were: Esua Goldsmith, Jennifer Lentfer, Pontso Mafethe (until 2022), Roshni Nuggenhalli and Swatee Deepak. From November 2020 to March 2024, we co-led Healing Solidarity as a Community Interest Company (CIC) in the U.K. 

Healing Solidarity is currently re-thinking how we operate as a collectively-managed entity. We believe there’s no one answer, approach, or leader who is going to solve the complex problems of our sector. But together we can explore how to embody our practice, dismantle racism and colonialism, create equitable partnerships and practice, develop more redistributive funding models, and re-imagine what it means to be in solidarity across the globe. 

No one of us holds the key. But together, collectively, we can be in the practice of building something different, and that’s what the Healing Solidarity will continue to be about. 

Our current Healing Solidarity members include: Mary Ann Clements, Swatee Deepak, Sarah Diedro Jordão, Esua Goldsmith, Nishma Jethwa, Jennifer Lentfer, Madeleine Lustigman, Roshni Nuggehalli, Jamie Pett, Nikita Shah, and Stephanie Yawa de Wolfe.

We hope you stay tuned for what’s next by emailing us at healingsolidarity@gmail.com using 'Stay in touch' in the subject heading.

For enquiries, contact us at: admin@healingsolidarity.org.

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